Refusal to Perform (teresa gillespie 2016)

teresa has slipped out for a while to work through some projects that have emerged in the folders of excess. In the meantime, this website will be sprinkled with broken links and remain somewhat dormant, though she may post miscellaneous things as the urge takes her.

Alongside her off road ramblings, she's Hissen about the place and partaking in projects that coincide with her current unpickings, such as James Merrigan's fugitive project Deep-Seated. She has also gathered a sister group in Dublin to Olga Koroleva's Political Animal based in London.

VAN Teresa Gillespie (2016)

One of the dirt bags from below explanation (clocks stop at 3pm and existence continues) (2015) made the cover of the May/June edition of VAN. Inside you can read me being interviewed by Jonathan Mayhew and Jonathan Mayhew being interviewed by me. (Yes, for some reason that came out in the first person.)


Background image is from consumed, (2016)